SOSAFE adapts to your needs and delivers solutions to all types of companies.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones


- Transport companies

- Office companies

- Delivery companies

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones

Private enclosures.

- Condominiums.

- Sports clubs.

- Entertainment centers.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones


- Supermarkets.

- Pharmacies.

- Shopping centers.

- Service stations.

- Many more.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones

Productive industry.

- Mining.

- Manufacturing plants.

Do you want to protect your business premises and areas of interest?

Get real-time security information to protect your premises and collaborators without installing any cameras or hiring a guard. With SOSAFE you only need a computer with internet. Get on and you'll be working with more than half a million neighbors and institutions.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones
SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones

SOSAFE simplifies your administration.

  • Real-time information.

  • Statistics and incident map.

  • Deliver sectorized notices to the community.

  • Improves response time.

  • Receive collaboration from other services already connected.

  • The community collaborates with security.

  • Mapping the situation.

  • Follow up of the case and involved.

Download our free protection kit and protect your business with the help of the community.

Together we build better cities

Alcaldia de Guayaquil
Municipalidad de Lima
Municipalidad de Santiago
Municipalidad de Providencia
Municipalidad de Ñuñoa
Municipalidad de Maipú
Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea
Municipalidad de Las Condes
Municipalidad de La Reina
Municipalidad de Colina
Municipalidad de Padre Hurtado
Municipalidad de Vitacura
Municipalidad de Pirque
Municipalidad de Santo Domingo
Municipalidad de El Monte
Municipalidad de Iquique
Municipalidad de El Quisco
Municipalidad de Paine
Municipalidad de Caldera
Municipalidad de la Molina
Bomberos Bucaramanga
Lo valledor
San Ramón
San Bernardo
San Joaquin
San Pedro de Atacama
Policía de Investigaciones de Chile
Bomberos de Chile
Carabineros de Chile
Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales
Municipalidad Romeral
Aguas Andinas
Clinica de los Andes
Automóvil Club
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

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