Security and citizen participation in real time

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Your city on a single platform

With SOSAFE you can see live what happens in your community


Real time information on reports and emergencies in your community.


Communicate with your neighbors and give them assistance when they need it.


Reduce response times and make better security decisions.

SOSAFE allows us to organize, be alert and take care of ourselves with the neighbors. I feel much safer in my neighborhood since I have the application.

Paula Penjean, user of SOSAFE

Constant collaboration between neighbors, services and governments.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones

Connection with emergency services

We add to the work of citizen security to carabinieri, firemen and health services, articulating a better response in an emergency.

SOSAFE colaboración instittuciones

Neighbors connected

We connect neighbors easily. We encourage collaboration and self-care in the neighborhood by supporting institutions in their management.

" In a #StgoInteligente technology is at the service of citizens and their needs, as shown by the adoption and use of the app @SOSAFE_CL "

Claudio Orrego, Mayor of Santiago

Intendente de Santiago, Claudio Orrego Reportes de barrio SOSAFE Felipe Guevara, Alcalde comuna de Lo Barnechea

" We are frustrating 19 weekly thefts thanks to the SOSAFE application "

Felipe Guevara, Mayor of Lo Barnechea

Together we build better cities

Alcaldia de Guayaquil
Municipalidad de Lima
Municipalidad de Santiago
Municipalidad de Providencia
Municipalidad de Ñuñoa
Municipalidad de Maipú
Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea
Municipalidad de Las Condes
Municipalidad de La Reina
Municipalidad de Colina
Municipalidad de Padre Hurtado
Municipalidad de Vitacura
Municipalidad de Pirque
Municipalidad de Santo Domingo
Municipalidad de El Monte
Municipalidad de Iquique
Municipalidad de El Quisco
Municipalidad de Paine
Municipalidad de Caldera
Municipalidad de la Molina
Bomberos Bucaramanga
Lo valledor
San Ramón
San Bernardo
San Joaquin
San Pedro de Atacama
Policía de Investigaciones de Chile
Bomberos de Chile
Carabineros de Chile
Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales
Municipalidad Romeral
Aguas Andinas
Clinica de los Andes
Automóvil Club
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

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